IEEE/CIC International Conference on Communications in China
11–13 August 2022 // Foshan City, China

New Advances on Low-Latency and High-Security Internet of Things and Compressive Sensing

New Advances on Low-Latency and High-Security Internet of Things and Compressive Sensing

11th August 2022    Room 4


Session 1: 14:00-15:30

A Novel Differential Chaos Shift Keying System with Hybrid Time-Carrier Index Modulation

Junming Zhuo, Yi Fang, Huan Ma and Tao Yiwei (Guangdong University of Technology, China)


Offloading Strategy for Vehicles in the Architecture of Vehicle-MEC-Cloud

Dasong Zhuang, Qijian He, Xiaopei Chen, Zhijian Lin and Pingping Chen (Fuzhou University, China)


Robustness of Partial Sparse Signal Recovery Based on lq Minimization Model

Liying Ma, Yi Gao and Qingyun He (North Minzu University, China)


Metadata Versioning of Data Vault Data Warehouse

Zewu Peng and Xinyao Feng (Information Center, Guangdong Power Grid Company Limited, China); Mingwei Liu and Yang Yang (China Southern Power Grid Digital Grid Group Co, China);

Huaquan Su (Guangdong Power Grid Corporation Limited, China); Hanyang Xie (Guangdong Power Grid Corperation Limited Information Center, China); Yingwei Liang (Guangdong Power Grid Corporation Limited, China); Yan Li (Jinan University, China)


Consistency Reasoning for Data Warehouse Metadata Based on Data Vault

Xinyao Feng and Zewu Peng (Information Center, Guangdong Power Grid Company Limited, China); Haowen Ren (China Southern Power Grid Digital Grid Group Co., Ltd., China); Hanyang Xie (Guangdong Power Grid Corperation Limited Information Center, China); Jinhe Wang (China Southern Power Grid Digital Grid Group Co., Ltd., China); Taipeng Zhu and Yingwei Liang (Guangdong Power Grid Corporation Limited, China); Ding Pan (Jinan University, China)


A Class of Hybrid Coupled Parallel Concatenated Codes

Chaojie Yang (Jinan University, China); Meixiu Zhou (Jinan University, Taiwan); Tang Siyun

(Guangdong polytechnic normal university, China); Shancheng Zhao (Jinan University, China)



Coffee Break: 15:30-16:00


Session 2: 16:00-17:30


Data ImportanceAssisted Multi-User Scheduling in MIMO Edge Learning Systems

Hongqing Huang and Peiran Wu (Sun Yat-sen University, China); Junhui Zhao (East China

Jiaotong University, China); Minghua Xia (Sun Yatsen University, China)


A Novel Protection Mechanism for Critical Mission IoT in Smart Grid

Xu Xia and Wen Qi (China Telecom Research Institute, China); Chengli Mei (China Telecom

Technology Innovation Center, China); Heng Wang (China Telecom Research Institute, China)


Traffic Flow Prediction Based on Extended Multi component Graph Convolutional Network

Xincheng Xiong (East China Jiaotong University, China); Yibo Li and Junhui Zhao (Beijing Jiaotong University, China)


Trust Management Model of VANETs Based on Machine Learning and Active Detection


Fanwei Huang (East China Jiaotong University, China); Qiuping Li and Junhui Zhao (Beijing

Jiaotong University, China)


Physical-Layer Authentication based on Spreading Code Watermarking for IoT Networks

Yuqi Leng and Ruiqi Zhang (Sun Yat-Sen University, China); Wenkun Wen (Guangzhou

Techphant Co. Ltd, China); Peiran Wu and Minghua Xia (Sun Yat-sen University, China)


Multi-Step Spectrum States Prediction Based on Long Short-Term Memory

Kang Wang, Peiran Wu and Minghua Xia (Sun Yatsen University, China)